Hello! Ava are I are California girls, building our dreams on a 1900 farm in Virginia. We spend most of our time gardening, cooking, crafting and taking care of our animal friends. We are constantly learning about tending the land and creating beauty from it... we invite you to join us!


Full Bloom Farm House is my fourth business and the perfect blend of education, hospitality and farm to table... at the heart is a deep commitment to these values:


  • Creating a gathering space for memorable and meaningful experiences

  • Working with other local businesses, non-profits and educators to create a culture of collaboration

Education & Preservation

  • Showcasing local cultural, historical, musical & food traditions



  • Respecting and caring for the land

  • Promoting regional resilience with homesteading skills


  • Celebrating the abundance of Appalachia through food, flowers and festivities

We hope to see you on the farm,

Elizabeth, Ava & all the animals

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